Over the last ten years, we have witnessed the proliferation of new technologies intended, in principle, to better reach and better serve consumers. From the Internet and its many facets to digital television, cell phone and smart card, these technologies have multiplied points of contact with consumers and ways to develop a relationship with them.

Today, mobility and ubiquity characterize these technologies which, through their multiple applications, give consumers access to their workplaces, at home, in the car…. But do we really know how to use them? Do we have enough information on their use by consumers to maximize their business potential?

It is the mission of the Chair to answer these questions through fundamental and applied research and to accompany you in the implications of these questions for your businesses and your services.


The RBC Financial Group Chair of E-Commerce at HEC MontrĂ©al’s mission is to develop and disseminate leading-edge knowledge and expertise on the adoption and use of new technologies by Canadian consumers.

Its implementation plan groups its activities around two major areas: scientific research and knowledge transfer. The Chair thus first sees to follow and to study the phenomena of consumption such as can influence them, modify them or slow down the new technologies of the information. Its goal of disseminating knowledge to the scientific community and industry leads the Chair to use various forms of transfer, including scientific and professional publications, international academic and thematic conferences and the development of partnerships with companies.