Chair Holder

Sylvain Sénécal 

Ph.D. in Administration, HEC Montréal, Université de Montréal (2003)

Jacques Nantel, the Chair’s founder, shaped (alt: built-up) an extremely dynamic organization around which an important number of M.Sc. and PhD students gravitate, along with many businesses and teachers (alt: professors).Since its foundation, the Chair’s activities yielded multiple profesional and academic publications as well as close ties with business partners that greatly contributed to the Chair’s success. Moreover, the Chair has contributed to the training and education of many students in the fields of marketing, electronic commerce and business intelligence over the years.


Sylvain Senecal is an Associate Professor and HEC Montreal’s RBC Financial Group E-commerce Chair Holder. Prior to joining HEC Montreal in 2004 he was Assistant Professor of Marketing and Electronic Commerce at the University of Toledo (Ohio, USA.). He has taught several courses in marketing and electronic commerce in Canada and the United States.

His research interests are related to consumer marketing on the Internet (personalization, web site evaluation, analysis of clickstream) and business marketing on the Internet (sales force and technology, market places). His work has been presented at several international conferences (Canada, United States, Chile, Australia) and published in prestigious scientific journals in marketing and electronic commerce such as the Journal of Retailing and the International Journal of Electronic Commerce.

He holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in marketing from HEC Montreal. Prior to his academic career he held marketing positions within Mittal Steel (Canada). He has worked or currently works with the following companies Mittal Steel, Leger Marketing and Doosan (Korea) as a trainer or consultant.